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Leading Way In Maintenance, Machine Repair & Machine Rebuild

Leading Way In Maintenance, Machine Repair & Machine Rebuild

Committed To keeping Heavy Equipment On The Move For Less!

Established in 2021, we are 100% BBBEE and have since been serving South Africa to ascertain that they get electricity by making sure that the heavy equipment involved in coal mining stay operational and on the move. Vastech Equipment Services goes beyond repairing and maintenance, we employ strategic costing models and post-repair services that save our clients a lot of money. We have a membership program that offers discounts that go as far as 80% for our loyal clients. Explore a different experience, join Vastech Equipment Services where we make more for less.

Our team hast vast experience in repairing , servicing and maintaining Rondebuilt and Hitachi graders & front end loaders. We are also experts in the servicing of Bell water bowsers.

Vastech Equipment services offers the most affordable, if not the cheapest heavy equipment repairs and rental services where we boast a fleet that consists of Hitachi and Rondebuilt front end loaders.

Rondebuit ZL50, Hitachi ZW310)

Graders (Rondebuilt RB 418) and water bowsers.

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Rent a Machine today, make more for less.

Explore a different experience, tap into the vastech world and enjoy the benefits of the most affordable heavy equipment on & off-site repairs and rentals in South Africa. Do not wait for your equipment to break down, we have affordable service and routine maintenance schemes that help you cut down on costs and help you boost your revenue by keeping the machines always on the move.

The value of transparency is at the core of our business approach and culture. We offer on and offsite machines repairs across South Africa and we have offices in Jahannesburg and Mpumalanga.

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We pride ourselves for the levels of transparency that are second to none. Our Work assessments, sourcing, costing and implementations are open to our clients and we have an excellent post delivery procedure where we act as consultants, free of charge, to help you keep your machines moving.

Leading Way In Maintenance, Machine Repair & Machine Rebuild

Use your machines to make more revenue for less and yet more reliable.

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do in Vastech Equipment.